Mommies In Need is now accepting applications for our "Virtual Community," a program focused on serving pre-school aged children (ages 3-6) that will help alleviate the burden of childcare on families where a caregiver is experiencing a health crisis. We will offer this to families who are suffering from any type of health crisis, including those affected by COVID-19. We will also be offering our services to hospital staff and first responders (or those caring for the children of these frontline workers) during this public health crisis.

For all families accepted into the program we will provide one-on-one time with a “Virtual Nanny” through a video conference system. This nanny will get to know each child and engage them in scheduled calls several times a week, with the goal of giving the caregiver a chance to rest.

For families who qualify based on need we may also provide:

  • A loan of either a Chromebook or tablet for the duration of their service term.

  • A one-time shipment of educational toys, arts and crafts supplies, and books.

Apply For Care

If you are a caregiver disabled due to a health crisis, including COVID-19, and have at least one child under the age of 6, you may apply for services by clicking the link below. Hospital staff or first responders may also apply. All services are free of cost to approved families.



Please note: We will respond to requests for help as quickly as possible, not all services will be immediately available as this program is still in development. If you have specific questions about the program you can email for more information.


"Our virtual nanny from Mommies In Need has been a lifesaver! When my kiddo is on her virtual nanny calls I get the break I need! In one session, our virtual nanny kept my daughter entertained for 3 and a half hours, and when I told my daughter it was time to go, she still wanted to keep playing with the nanny! Activities have included, yoga, show and tell, and just letting my active 4 year old talk, which she loves! This has been an invaluable resource to my family."

      - Laura (Dallas, TX)

"My grandson has been so happy spending time with Ms. Monica each week."

      - Ines (Mesquite, TX)


"I tell people all the time how great ya’ll are and how much MIN has helped!"

       -Ashley (Niceville, FL)


"Kelly loves Ms. Michae. I'm so glad Kelly has improved her attention span and interacts with Ms. Michae on her own!"

        -Kim (Dallas, TX)


"My daughter especially looks forward each week to join the call. Her favorite theme so far is Farm Animals!"

        -Esperanza (San Bernardino, CA)

 Virtual Community