Welcome to Annie's Place

We are so happy that we have the opportunity to help you take care of your child/ren during your Parkland clinic appointment. We hope to help you make good healthcare choices by lessening the stress of finding childcare. 

To enroll your child/ren into Annie's Place for free drop-off care, you will need to do the following:

  • Have an appointment at a participating Parkland Clinic (Maternal Fetal Medicine, Gynecology/Gyn Oncology & Hematology/Oncology).

  • Read our Parent Handbook: English or Spanish

  • Fill out our Enrollment Application

  • Optional: Fill out and submit online the Child Information Form, so your child’s teacher can get to know your child a little better.  

  • One of our Annie's Place staff will contact you shortly in order to confirm if we have a spot for your child/ren. You are NOT fully enrolled until you have a confirmed time and date in phone call/email from an Annie's Place staff member.  Once you are confirmed, the items below are required to complete your child’s file.  Immunization records and Health Care Statements are required by the first appointment.  If you need help with these, please reach out to us at 214-266-8064.

    • Immunization Records

    • Professional Health Care Statement      (Spanish)

    • If you are unable to submit the Professional Health Care Statement before your first appointment, you may submit a Verified Doctor Check in the meantime that is filled out by the parent or guardian. If you are unable to print a copy at home, please allow an extra 5 minutes at your first visit to fill out paperwork.  Verified Doctor’s Check: English or Spanish

    • Your Doctor’s office can fax records to Attn: Annie’s Place 214-266-8083 or you may bring hard copies with your child on their first appointment.   

What To Expect After Enrollment
  • Once you’ve filled out all the paperwork and we’ve confirmed a date and time for you to drop off your child/ren, we will call you before your appointment to confirm details.  During that call, we will also do a health screen. We will not be able to take any child into Annie’s Place that is ill.  If anyone is ill, we will have to cancel & you may have to reschedule your clinic appointment . 

  • When you arrive to our building, you will drive up and an Annie’s Place staff member will be outside waiting or you can text/call us when you arrive.  We will come out and take everyone’s temperature, confirm appointment time/pick up time, emergency contact, bring in belongings, and bring your child/ren inside.  

  • Parking is not available at Annie’s Place.  You will drop off and then drive to the parking facility for your clinic. Non-Annie’s Place staff are not allowed in the back of the building at this time. If you need to walk in, there are a few designated spots up front.


  • If your child/ren have dietary restrictions, you may opt to bring a snack/meal, but otherwise, we serve am/pm snacks as well as a full lunch . Please bring a bottle or water bottle if desired. 

  • Once you are done with your appointment, we will be notified by your clinic and ask you to also confirm the end of your appointment and we will get your child/ren ready for your pick up.

  • If for any reason you are admitted to the hospital or your appointment is running past your scheduled pick up time, we will confirm that with the clinic that it will be longer than expected and may call your emergency contact to pick up your child/ren.

If you have any questions, an Annie's Place staff member will be happy to answer them:

214.266.8064 or anniesplace@mommiesinneed.org

(469) 708-6667

Dallas, TX

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